Procurement process

The procurement of a private sector joint venture partner for Dextco is anticipated to be launched late 2019 under the Public Procurement Regulations 2015. Dextco’s current intention is to adopt the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation (CPN) using a defined suite of documentation and requirements.

Dextco’s preference will be to award contract on the basis of initial tenders. Only if deemed necessary will Dextco opt to proceed to a negotiation stage of CPN which would be limited to specific areas. Early market engagement will, therefore, be important to understand the supply chain’s views on a range of issues.

A brochure describing the project can be downloaded here. This brochure was published following the publication of the Prior Information Notice (PIN) on 5 May 2017. A market engagement Day (MED) was held on 5 July 2017. The brochure provided the background for market participants to complete the pre-MED questionnaire. The outcome of the MED will then be incorporated in the procurement.

Sequence of events

A diagram illustrating the sequence of events for the procurement process.

The relevant documents will be available for download from the web based, secure (hosted) eTender portal by suppliers

The portal must be used:

  • to access and download the ITT document(s)
  • to submit completed tender returns
  • for any communications or clarification questions.

Please note:

  • Responses to clarification questions will be shared with all suppliers.
  • Ensure contact information is kept up to date.
  • Use appropriate contact email address (e.g. general email address)
  • Monitor portal throughout tender process.
  • Allow time to upload documents.

Contact the help number listed on the portal if you experience any technical difficulties.